Saturday, 28 January 2012

Twelve logos in five minutes

A couple of months ago, I read David Airey's LOGO DESIGN LOVE, in which he illustrated our interaction with logos by taking photographs of logos he interacts with daily, and to his surprise, he photographed 33 logos in 33 minutes. So I decided to do the same on a Monday morning but this time, restricted my photographs to my office, I decided to take photographs of as many logos I can notice around me. 

I started  with the Honda calendar on the wall, the LG air-conditioning unit, my Zenith bank cheque book, the MTN  and Etisalat recharge cards i bought on my way to the office, a wine gift from a client, my Blackberry phone and to my amusement, I photographed twelve logos in five minutes. Logos are all over our lives, they bombard us every second. What this simply means is that a logoless business is a faceless business, but beyond creating logos, our work as graphic designers is not to create decorative logos, but rather to create logos that tells stories, logos that connects with the emotion of the client's target audience.
So next time you are creating a logo for a client, look beyond the client's competitor's logo, undertand that your logo will compete with other logos as they will all fight for relevance.

...Pardon me for the poor photo quality, the shots were taken with my phones 2.0 MP camera.


  1. Balogun Adebayo Samuel30 January 2012 at 02:26

    INDEED! As the population grows larger, the market grows bigger, the variety of options become wider and the brand competition consequently becomes more intense... its a survivor of the fittest and simple things like brand LOGO can make all the difference.

  2. "logos that connects with the emotion of the client's target audience" Indeed Creating Logos goes far beyond good looks.... Nice one there bro.