Sunday, 29 January 2012

Save more money, get a printer friend.

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to saving and making more money as a graphic artist, the printer is your friend. While you can do your best creating outstanding branding and marketing materials, the final output of print projects depends wholly on the printer handling them for you.

No matter how great your design, if the printing doesn't bring it to life, all your creative brilliance is for naught. The best way to ensure the final product is as good as you imagined is to create a proffesional relationship with a printer who cares about your projects as you do. Beyond producing good prints, a good printer can offer advice that can help you minimise cost of production right from the design stage thereby helping your clients save more money.

What makes a good printer?
  • Attention to details, expecially on issues finishing.
  • Making suggestions as to best paper stock to print with and how to reduce cost and still achieve outstanding results.
  • Willingness to sit down and discuss with you when all you have is your brief, not just grabbing print ready finished artworks and running with it.
  • He treats you well when you visit his press. My printer knows the best source of correct Amala and Ewedu in Lagos and i can tell you i always look forward to visiting his press to discuss print projects.


  1. I like the amala part....

  2. Great piece, your tips are straight to the point. God bless you.