Sunday, 29 January 2012

Time to collaborate

Sadly, creatives often view other creatives as nothing but competitors for clients, projects or recognition. I find it ridiculous how creatives sometimes hoard ideas, insights and resources just to have an edge over one another. This is not just unhealthy for our industry It is also unhealthy for creatives as well. Having allies and colleages you collaborate with is incredibly valuable. To stay active and creative, it is important to share ideas and leverage on the strength of other creatives.

Ours is a wide industry in which i believe you cannot know it all, you will always need the skills, resources and contacts of others. As a graphic designer, you simply cannot do without collaborating with a photographer, a typographer, a print expert, a fashion designer, a copywriter.

To enjoy creative collaborations:
  • Keep in touch with your design school friends (that's if you attended one)
  • Make new friends everyday.
  • Be good at what you do so you always have something to offer
  • Be ready to offer help to other creatives
  • Take design courses, attend seminars and industry events and keep in keep in touch with everyone you meet.
  • Try to always put a call through to people that matter to you even if you don't need them yet.
  • Make friends with people outside your industry.
  • Know your limit.

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